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Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group

Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group (ESRAG) was formed to empower members of the Rotary Family worldwide to promote and support ventures that safeguards environment, ecology and habitats and also empower communities whose survival, livelihoods and identities pivot on the former. For climate change combat depends on such sustainable pursuits of enterprise and development programs beyond mantras of growth and bottom lines.

ESRAG envisions itself as an platform for advising, coordinating and supporting such efforts. This it does by utilizing its unique data base, roping in experts and domain specialists and also to mobilize funds for sustainable ventures and programs. ESRAG also as part of its awareness campaigns shares information with clubs and communities on the global humanitarian crisis precipitated by climate change and enabling ways and means by which sustainability discourse informs every program and action of Rotary.

Our action model: Initiate environmental service projects, identify environmental leaders within the Rotary world, assist them and ensure the projects undertaken bear fruition. ESRAG South Asia covers India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Maldives. We are looking for Rotarians who are deeply concerned with issues of ecological and environmental degradation, towards correction of which they bring their expertise, commitment and energies and inter alia do their bit in confronting climate change crisis.

Please join us and help Rotarians in this region achieve their service goals through initiatives which addresses environmental issues in your respective chapters.


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